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Only Chartered Certified Accountants can say that they:

  • are monitored by their Professional Organisation
  • must engage in ongoing structured training and learning
  • must carry professional liability insurance
  • ensure that they provide services at the highest level possible
  • can be reported to their Professional Body if their quality of service falls below acceptable standards.

Always ask if the firm that you are dealing with is registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (the ACCA).

Jays Accountants & Tax Advisors LLP are registered with the ACCA.

The ACCA has over 219,000 qualified accountants with 527,000 students looking to achieve this qualification, in the UK and worldwide.

The ACCA takes great pride in their members and the quality of work that their members provide. To ensure their high standards are maintained, members are regularly inspected on their work and ongoing technical expertise.

You can be rest assured that when you come to Jays Accountants & Tax Advisors LLP, you will be looked after by highly qualified professionals who will guide you through the legal and technical maize.

Our firm currently has two qualified ACCA members with a combined experience more than 50 years and are proud to say that we also have two apprentices who expect to achieve full ACCA status in the next 18 months. The apprentices have been with us 7 and 5 years and are highly regarded by our clients.

A word of warning for using non-qualified accountants

We have over the years experienced great difficulty with non-regulated Accountants, where their ex-clients have left to join us. Because they are not regulated, the quality of services that they have provided to their clients have been far from satisfactory and in some cases bordering negligence. These accountants get away with this poor approach because they do not have to answer to a greater authority. Currently, in the UK there is no legal restriction on who could set themselves out as a Public Accountant!