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Xero has become the go to software for streamlined accounting. We have compiled five top tips and tricks that will save you time and enhance the efficiency of your bookkeeping.

1. Tired of chasing payment from your customers?

Why not setup reminders in Xero that will be sent automatically to your overdue customers at set intervals? Xero has powerful tools with which you can make your credit control a breeze, leaving you to do what you do best … run your business! 

If you need help in setting these up, why not give us a call …

2. Link your bank account to Xero

By connecting your bank account with Xero, all your bank transactions will be imported and sit in one place ready for you to post. Xero’s AI can even help you by matching sales invoices with the bank receipts. It also remembers how payments were posted previously, saving you time and effort.

3. Customers paying by monthly fixed fees?

Set up repeating invoices in Xero that will automatically be created on a weekly/monthly basis. Xero can even save you further time by emailing these directly to your customers, meaning no input from you!

4. Speed up your data entry

Xero has a wide range of keyboard shortcuts, which will speed up your data entry. Set up a meeting with us and we can show you all of Xero’s hidden tricks!

5. Using payment providers such as Sum Up and Stripe?

Did you know you can link these to Xero? Your sales invoices will be automatically transferred from the payment provider and created in Xero, saving you time by not duplicating your work!

By incorporating these 5 time-saving tricks into your Xero strategy, you can streamline your financial workflow and dedicate more time to growing your business. 

Why not set up a meeting with us so we can show you how to make the most of Xero’s features to help your business grow? Call 01252 375466 for help.

Verity Smith MAAT